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        Exploring Classical Control Systems

                Lessons on classical control systems on CD ROM


   A Partial Table of Contents
  • Transforms - Laplace and Z Transforms
  • Basic Control Systems Introduction
  • Time Response
  • Getting System Models – especially using lab data
  • Frequency Response - Bode' plots &  Nyquist plots
  • Performance Measures – Time and Frequency
  • The Nyquist Stability Criterion (NSC)
    • With numerous animations & Examples
    • Setting Phase & Gain Margin
  • Simulation
  • The Root Locus
    • With numerous animations
    • Guided calculations
  • Designing Control Systems
  • The PID Family of Controllers (3 Mode Controllers)
  • Lead & Lag Compensators
  • Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Control

     Click here  for an example page that shows a root locus simulation.

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